New year thoughts or whatever

On this day last year I was writing about the way freedom of travel interacts with political freedom. I guess it is, then, technically, slightly poignant that my plans tonight revolve around getting a ride from a friend due to car troubles. I have been experiencing a whole new kind of burnout near the end of this year. It's softer, more tolerable. Like slightly burnt potatoes. Still edible, maybe sometimes even still good. But somewhere in there, everything tastes a little bit like ash.

It reminds me of the way my parents talk about the inevitability of misery in every path of life. And since my parents have been reliably wrong about every kind of life advice they've ever offered, that realization reassures me that this burnout shall pass.

In which case, I'm taking it as a good thing. To still be more-or-less functional during a period of exceptional stress and exhaustion is a huge step up from where I've been at any other time in my life.

I'm looking forward to the new year.

(video: supposedtobes by Ze Frank.)