New writing project: 4 Solarpunk stories

(Reposted from Tumblr last night because I've been reposting solarpunk stuff here but also because I feel like stating my writing commitments here makes them more real) So, workshop application season is coming up and I spent the last couple months working on a novel draft, so I’m going to need some fresh short stories soon

And I am obsessed with solarpunk right now and would like to be spending time with that artistically

And in the past, arbitrary challenges have worked really well to motivate me to get writing done

SO: for the next 4 weeks I will be writing 2k-4k short solarpunk stories — one per week, at least two drafts. Weeks end Sunday night; I’m starting now so story 1 gets a few extra days.

They will be themed: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Because that seems like a reasonable arbitrary rule.

I won’t be publishing them here or anything, but if anyone following me is interested I would like to share them with beta readers. And, for that matter, if anybody else wants to do this with me, we could swap critiques. (No promises on critiquing everybody if this post is absurdly popular.)