New rewards account pisses me off on day 1

So, gmail just updated their inbox layout.  The way it looked before, at least with the settings I had selected, the top was all unread 'important' emails, important being based on their ever-more-accurate algorithms, the second section was starred emails, and all the way down at the bottom was unstarred, unimportant, or read emails.

This worked okay, but their new system, a series of tabs, is quite a lot better -- it makes it easier for me to remain aware of what kind of information I'm getting from my emails, which I've found puts me in a better mind to actually read things like promotional emails or status updates.  Here's what my tabs look like:

Inbox (6)

Nice and neat.  And, knowing I was waiting for an email from GameStop, with whom I recently set up an account because their paid rewards program was going to get me, essentially, a free game in a couple of days, I clicked on the Promotions tab to look for it.

And, in fact, there was an email from GameStop.  But it wasn't the promotional email I was waiting for.  It was this:

Gmail - Your GameStop Emails Might Disappear. Act Now!Dammit, GameStop, your emails are exactly where they ought to be.  If they stay in the promotions folder, then when I go looking there I'll know I'm looking at stuff companies want me to pay attention to, and react accordingly.  If they're in my primary tab, they're just going to piss me off -- I'll delete them, because they're getting in the way of business updates and conversations with friends.

If I wasn't waiting for a coupon for a free game, I'd unsubscribe right now for this kind of behavior.