New phone! (Samsung Galaxy S4)

So, I got my new phone yesterday, and I'm always excited when I get a new phone so it's been an exciting couple of days.  Here are some of the things I'm super-excited about with my new phone:

  • The calendar works.  Seriously, I cannot begin to describe how huge a deal it is for me that I have a functional calendar.  With the Droid X, I could laboriously enter dates into the calendar app, and then when it synced (it claimed to do so once an hour but really only did when I manually forced it to) the entries would show up on my calendar on the computer.  With this phone, it's like fifteen to thirty seconds, in either direction, and all I have to do is say "Google, schedule an appointment to do this thing on this time and day and stuff."
  • Google Now.  I am so glad that I have a phone with Google Now.  The reminders are great, the scheduling is great, I love how it tries to figure out what I need it to tell me (hasn't been useful yet, but it's only been two days) and I love being able to just dictate my needs to my phone in a plain, conversational manner.
  • Gestures.  I haven't gotten super familiar with them yet, but the gestures I've found so far are really cool.  Like, when the phone goes dark on a flat surface, I can wave my hand over it and it gives me the time, date, and a few icons indicating the status of processes, missed calls, texts, and remaining battery.
  • Snapshat, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.  All of these apps worked horribly on my old phone, crashing regularly, loading for solid minutes at a time, and not letting me know about updates.  So far, I haven't encountered any problems, at all, with the smooth functioning of the apps on my new phone.  It's so great to have the model of phone the developers have in mind when they work towards improving their apps.
  • It's bigger.  Just the additional screen real-estate is great.
  • The widgets.  I like these widgets better than the ones I had before.

I feel like this post is going to end  up reading like a cheap attempt at casual-sounding viral marketing, but the truth is I have not yet bumped into any significant problems with my phone.  (Granted, I'm super-forgiving of my devices.)

I've been looking forward to getting a new phone for a while now, and the differences between the Galaxy S4 and the Droid X, both at optimum functioning, are so huge that I keep forgetting that there was even a specific reason I switched -- the Droid X's screen got damaged, and had some growing black dots on it.  (My fault. nbd.)

I may end up reporting back on additional awesome features, but I'm not promising, mainly because I don't think anyone else really wants to hear me gush about my phone across multiple blog posts.  Not promising, I won't, though, either.