New bag

Today was a really eventful day, in a whole lot of ways -- some good, some bad, and almost all of which not stuff I want to write about for the internet, at least not right away. So instead, I'm writing about my new backpack, which arrived today and which I am currently stocking with the essential contents of my previous backpack.

I really liked my old backpack, actually. It was cute -- it was a color orange that matched my laptop -- and at first, it fit all my stuff really comfortably. But my daily carrying stacks outgrew it, and by the end it was carrying more weight than it could handle. I had already had the new backpack ordered, but this morning one of the straps broke. It was very much on its last legs and the new bag came just in time. (Or, slightly too late. It would have been nice to unpack the old one before it broke so I wouldn't have to repair it to use it for smaller loads every now and again.)

The new one's much more pragmatic. Lots of plasticky fabric and zippers. It should work out pretty well.