Nearly debt-free

I'm about to get some money back from my school for financial aid, and I'll be able to pay off the last personal debt I have outstanding. When that happens, I'll be out of debt for the first time in my adult life -- except for one thing. Before my blog broke in the summer of 2013, I was keeping a list of charities I planned on donating to. The point was to spend time every month paying attention to charities and figuring out which ones I'd want to support. Since then, I've become persuaded of the position that it's better to give one or a few charities more support rather than give a little to a wider variety of charities, but I'd still like to try and keep as much of that commitment as I can.

I know I had been doing it for a little over a year, so I'm going to guess that there were probably about 14 charities. I know they included Planned Parenthood, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, so that leaves another 11.

I'm taking suggestions -- odds are good that things my readers would suggest overlap with things I'd have already wanted to support.