Naps are weird

Okay, well, sleep is weird. Bodies are weird. Energy is weird. I took a nap about an hour ago, by which I mean I was lounging on the couch reading Tumblr posts and my eyes started to sag and I didn't fight it. I drifted into sleep or something sleep-like, and I weighed in my head the odds that I was going to wake up again before midnight, and the consequences of falling asleep. I would miss my blog post today. I would fail to take my pills. I would sleep in my clothes, and in poor posture, so I would wake up stiff and in pain tomorrow. I would fail to turn the living room light off, so Violet (Caitlin's hedgehog) wouldn't feel safe to come out and run on her wheel and eat food tonight.

Fortunately, it was only 9, and I thought it was pretty likely that I was going to wake up. I hadn't dismissed all of my phone's alerts, so that would go off within 15 minutes, and my new watch buzzes every 5, reminding me that I still have to think about getting up.

And I went back on the computer eventually, and still felt groggy and fuzzy but my eyes stopped slipping shut, and I woke up enough to read some complicated posts, and I woke up enough to write this post, and I'm awake enough now to take my pills and get ready to sleep and shut the light off.

Good night.