My Solarpunk blog got featured on another Solarpunk blog!

I'm beaming with pride about this today, and to be honest I'm sure some people are sick of hearing it. But other people only keep up with me through this blog, and I'm proud of this, so I'm posting it here anyway. Permapunk has been featuring notable Solarpunk blogs this week in celebration of hitting 300 followers, and today I was picked. And the post is, like, so flattering you guys.


If you aren’t already following watsons-solarpunk, then that must be one cozy rock you’re under (maybe an Earthship, that would make more sense).

Watson, and co-contributor Faith, are doing a fantastic job of pinning down the overarching concepts of the genre. As a lover of wall-of-text blogs, I’m always pleased to see Watson’s Solarpunk Blog on my dash.

I almost shirked this post yesterday because my kid won’t let me sleep like a normal human this week… It’s getting to me.