My partner moved in with me today (again)

Last week, I wrote that my partner was moving in, because that's when we did a huge chunk of packing and brought over boxes.  Today, however, we did the bigger part.  I mean, the bigger part as in more work.  We got rid of many of the very heavy things that were in my rooms, and started cleaning under everything during the process of rearranging. Here are some of the things I got rid of (Note: this is all stuff I wanted to, and should have, gotten rid of a long time ago, or never got in the first place):

  • a 100+ lb. CRT TV
  • The oversized TV table that came with the oversized TV
  • A piece of a cubicle desk that the TV was on, because we were using the TV table as a nightstand
  • My bed, which was a dorm room bed.  We literally took turns sleeping on a mat on the floor, because we didn't both fit on my bed.  We have her bed now
  • A set of 3 full-sized lockers I got from a friend a couple years ago, that I should never have agreed to take because they weren't very useful and were horribly unweildy
  • A D&D themed bookshelf I got from the game store I worked at a few years ago, that I never should have agreed to take because it wasn't very useful and was horribly unweildy
  • Tons of old papers, gone through each individually.  I threw away a whole bunch of stuff that I really don't need anymore, that didn't even have sentimental value

Here are some things that are no longer taking up space, (or will soon be out of the way,) but which weren't thrown away:

  • An old dining room table that I was using as a desk in my office -- it's very important to my parents, having been my mother's mother's, and the table they had in their first apartment.  Now in my parents' bedroom
  • Five cardboard boxes of books that I don't want to throw away, but which I don't anticipate needing to access any time soon.  Each book was recorded on duplicating paper (the kind with the white sheet on top and the yellow sheet under it) and the primary copy was taped to the box, and the secondary copy will be entered into a spreadsheet, so I can find what books I have and which box to open to look for them
  • Probably about two cardboard boxes' worth of books that are being donated to Goodwill, because they're books and deserve to be treated with respect
  • About half a cardboard box's worth of books that my mother rescued from the Goodwill pile, that will no longer be taking up space in my room, anyway

The process is not yet over.  My rooms are cleaner now than they were this morning, but there are still huge piles of stuff to sort in both the bedroom and the office.  There's a lot of my partner's stuff still to make space for.  And there are many loads of dirty laundry to be done.

Note: I didn't end up having work today, because of rain, so I felt like I should write a blog post, because that's how my new rules work and if I don't stick to them I'll start feeling bad about myself and not getting work done.