My partner moved in with me today

My partner is moving in with me -- well, she's been more-or-less living with me for about six months now, but we did the official part today -- we went to her house yesterday to get as much packing as we could done, then we did more packing this morning, and brought the stuff she was getting rid of to Goodwill, and brought the stuff she was keeping to my house. Here are some of the things that I am excited about:

  • This means all her copies of the books from her favorite series, the Tortall books by Tamora Pierce, are now at my house.  I have wanted to read them, because (a.) they sound pretty good and (b.) they are important to her, and now that will be easier.
  • She has a much bigger bed than me.  Like, we don't both fit on my bed.  We take turns sleeping on a mat on the floor.
  • Since she was only going back to her house once or twice a month in the last few months, she didn't always have her latest mail.  I think it will be good if she gets her letters and stuff.
  • I am excited to continue to be living with her.  Obviously.
  • In the process of getting her stuff into my house, we're also going to be getting rid of some of my stuff that we don't need, and that takes up way too much space.  Like my TV: it's half the size of a Smart Car and I can't even plug a laptop into it to watch Netflix.

There are many more small, exciting things about this change.  Some sad stuff, as well -- it's generally not easy to leave a place you've lived for years.

I'm curious to see what kinds of things might change, and what will stay the same, around the difference between 'basically living here' and 'actually lives here'.