My cork wallet has arrived!

Kind of.  Actually, my wallet was updated as "Out for delivery" yesterday, but never showed up, so I called the post office and they said it was still there, and I got it on my way to work. It's probably too soon to tell whether this is going to be a good long-term solution to the problem of needing-a-wallet, but it's already a significant improvement over my falling-apart previous wallet, the RFID Blocking Wallet from ThinkGeek, which to be fair lasted long enough to reach the point in my paranoid past when I felt I needed an RFID blocking wallet.

This is the new one, a cork wallet, from Corkor, a company in Portugal that makes things out of cork.[1. This sentence is clipped almost completely from my earlier post about this wallet.]



I'm going to give it some time before I decide whether I'm really sold on cork as a material, but right now I'm excited about it. It seems like a really cool solution to a lot of style problems. (Look at that! It's practically leather -- but it's made of a tree!)