My brain is turning to mush.

Like every single one of my posts this week has been at about 10 minutes before midnight. I am just not energized to keep up with routine right now. I've got two more months to get through before I get to leave for Hampshire and live in a most-likely-single dorm room populated close to exclusively by people who (a.) are not so much younger than me that they can't be expected to think through complex social relationships, and (b.) do not feel a sense of possession over my space or entitlement or ability to enter it without permission.

Also a food hall. Regular meals and hydration ftw.

Meanwhile, my perception of time is leaking. On Tuesday I couldn't remember if it was a mail day or not -- mail days being all the days but Sunday. Later that same Tuesday, I was told that it was Wednesday. I had a nightmare last night that my shift tonight was 12 hours long. I ended up spending the whole day nauseous because I couldn't remember whether I'm actually capable of working 8-hour shifts. (Spoiler: I am.)

I can't wait to have the structure of regular classes and events back.