I haven't moved, and I'm not moving. My partner, however, is moving into a new apartment. I have been helping. (Btw, there's no WiFi here yet, so I'm blogging from my phone.) I know that this is going to be really obvious, but there's a ton of stuff that goes into making a coherent home that has all the stuff that's been in the homes we've both lived in all our lives. It's not that I hadn't thought of that -- it's that the quantity of things I take for granted at home is literally impossible to hold in my head all at once.

It just occurred to me  therthere are wooden skewers in the second drawer in the kitchen at my home. Not that they're important, but they're there. If I need one here, I can't have one. Of I need one there, it's basically an invisible problem -- it's just already solved.

That's one of like five hundred things that there's like one package of at my parents' house.