More solarpunk thoughts -- competing ideologies

definitely adding a Solarpunk category to my blog. So, the near-future -punks are usually named for the kind of technology they use -- cyberpunk, biopunk, nanopunk, etc. and the recent-past -punks are often named for the kind of power they use -- steampunk, dieselpunk, clockpunk, etc.

Solarpunk sort of fits the second category, because solar is a kind of power. And it sort of fits the first, too, because it's about alternative energy technologies.

But solar power is (almost) the root of all other kinds of power. Plants get straight solar power, and animals eat plants for their fuel. Wood fuel is a plant's stored solar work rendered into heat. Oil is solar-generated plant and animal matter that's just had a long time to sit. The weather cycle comes from the sun heating up the oceans, which gives wind power as well as hydroelectric.


There are two other kinds of power, too, that don't come from the sun. Geothermal, the use of the Earth's own core heat, and nuclear, the manipulation of fissionable elements to release atomic energy.

Atompunk is already a thing, but it looks like geopunk might not be. And I'm not really proposing giving them their own genres, anyway. Rather, I think they'd make cool antagonistic ideologies within a solarpunk setting.

The atompunks are the folks who still think it's a good idea to maintain a top-down, centralized power grid. They recognize the need to get off of fossil fuels, but they want to retain a 20th century style infrastructure. If solarpunk is a setting just after the whole world is on board with climate change being real and fossil fuels being a serious problem, the atompunks are the social conservatives. Still digging-in-the-earth to operate big power plants. So, not really -punk at all.

The geopunks are a lot more interesting to me, actually. These are the people who don't think the world is saveable. They're sold on the apocalyptic future and are looking for a way for humankind to survive despite destroying the planet. They're looking to burrow underground and live off the heat of the deep earth, Matrix-style.

I can imagine it being a Libertarian movement -- the Underground City where Everything is Legal and Unlimited Power is Free because LAVA. (In my mind, this goes horribly, and the present state of the movement is "Years since last natural disaster triggered: 0.")