Minecraft! Some history, and a server

On the previous incarnation of this blog, I had a lot of Minecraft stuff.   I had a Minecraft category for a while, frequently made use of the Minecraft tag, and, for a while, kept a commitment to post about it every time I played.  (That quickly got old, as I ran out of stuff to show off and had to post things like "I spent all day mining today.  Here is a picture of a mine." But a friend of mine has a really good internet connection and a spare computer, and he's letting me set up a Minecraft server, that I'm going to run for myself and a handful of friends.  It's not working yet -- I'm pretty new to this sort of thing, so I'm not sure I have any idea how to make it work.  But I think I want to do some cataloging.

I won't be posting about it every day, or every time I play, but I think that when I start playing on this server, I will be posting descriptions and image sets of builds I might be particularly proud of.  I want to do this because (a.) I like showing off stuff I do in Minecraft, and (b.) I think it will motivate me to strive for a higher standard of quality in my builds.  No mob towers made haphazardly out of cobblestone and dirt -- my creations will be coordinated, artistic, perhaps even beautiful.