Minecraft : Crash Landing : I have died 5 times

I hadn't actually played Minecraft in a while, because there hadn't been much to do. For the past two or three months, most of my Minecraft exposure has been through Let's Plays, mainly Etho's. Then Etho started playing Crash Landing. I've been watching that -- and, since Etho doesn't update often enough to slake my unending thirst for stuff to watch while procrastinating, I'm also watching GenerikB's Crash Landing series.

And since CrashLanding (a.) looks like a ton of fun, (b.) runs on a bunch of mods I really like playing with, and (c.) contains clear, straightforward short-and-long-term goals, I have started playing it.

I have died 5 times so far.

Every time you die in Crash Landing, you have to delete your world and start over. It's a very difficult custom map. I've gotten pretty good at the first day, actually. But I am not good at fighting spiders.

Here, if you're interested, are the first episodes of the Let's Plays I'm watching: