Minecraft 1.6.1 is out!

Okay, so 1.6.1 has been out for a few days, and there have been snapshots long enough that nothing about it is really new to anyone who's paying that much attention.  I've even played around in the snapshots a bit.  But on Sunday I started my first world properly in 1.6.1, and I wanted to show it off a little bit -- mainly to say "Look how good I've gotten at Minecraft!" But a little bit because I'm authentically proud of my tiny home.

Here's me, sans armor, in my living room:


And here's the building that living room is in.  Of everything coming out in the new update, I think I was most excited about the hardened and dyed clay blocks -- although I have to admit that my house is only yellow because I couldn't find any other flowers immediately upon getting enough clay to start building.

Getting those sheep tied up outside was one of the most recent things I've done, and I don't have a bow yet because I used all my string so far making the leads to drag them to my house.  That may have been a mistake, I'm not sure yet.


Here's my house from the other side.  It took rather a long time to gather the clay for the fireplace and chimney, actually.  For some reason I expected it to require far less, and when I was collecting it I didn't leave myself a lot of space in the inventory.

You can also see in this picture that I've settled on the edges of an icy field and a swamp.  This is because (a.) the swamp contains lily pads, slimes, and shallow enough water to easily seek clay, and (b.) the field contains wide, open flat spaces where I can easily find mobs both friendly and hostile.


This is my living room.  The picture of me at the top was taken under the stairs on the left, in a small entry hall.  The hatch leads down to my mine, which I don't have any pictures of because it's just a cobblestone staircase leading down to an unfurnished branch mine, but as you can see the fireplace does serve a useful function.  The table does, too -- if you bump it, it will shut -- but not open -- the hatch to the mine, saving me a little effort by just leaning in the right direction when I come out by the ladder.  I discovered that by accident.

The flowerpots are there because I've wanted to use flowerpots since they've been implemented, and this house felt just cozy enough to make it worth it.

2013-07-02_17.05.07 This is my bedroom, where I keep my stuff.  There's a big 3x3 picture window behind me, but I forgot to take a screenshot out of it.  It's good for watching where the mobs will be in the blind spot when I leave my house.

I don't have carpet yet, because I just got the sheep, but as I've found roses now I'm looking forward to putting down red carpeting up here, and probably on the bottom floor as well.2013-07-02_17.05.12

Among the other things I'm really looking forward to:  having enough coal to make a lot of coal blocks (when I eventually build my palace, it will have a red and black coal/redstone chessboard on a floor somewhere), getting a horse, and visiting the nether, where I've heard there are chests now.