meta: finally started backing up

I mentioned in the previous post that I accidentally corrupted everything hosted in my ipage account a few years ago, and lost all my previous blog content. Since then, I've been able to dig some things out of the .zip file that was left over, but not any of the posts themselves. I don't know if they're there at all. Wordpress wanted me to update to 4.0 today, and it let me know I should back up before I did. So, for the first time in ever, I looked into how that's done.

I got a plugin called UpdraftPlus, which after some fiddling is now set to auto-backup my blog to my Google Drive, once a week, and retain up to 5 generations of backup. (It defaults to 2 but eff that.)

I'm feeling courageous -- I might try to put some of those old files back soon, and see if I can get my years of posts prior to 2013 back. Worst case scenario, if I wreck everything, I'll have backups now.