long week ahead

sometimes i find it kind of impossible to do things... like, things just come crashing down because i just can't compel myself to get started. and sometimes things pile up so much, or so much becomes necessary to do at once, that the stopping part of me just sort of shuts off and i kind of space out and pass through it, and it's hard and painful and exhausting but at the end the things that i care about in my life that relied on doing that stuff still exist. i'm very tired right now. this blog post is kind of an example of the latter thing. my head feels fuzzy and i'm not thinking more than a couple words ahead, but doing this is going to mean my blog is still here tomorrow. i can't even muster the energy to hold down the shift key for capital letters right now, actually. that sentence would have been a parenthetical if parentheses were non-shift keys.

it's time for laying down quietly then sleep now. good night. talk to you tomorrow.