Listening to Going Postal

I kind of wish I had actually counted how many times I've read Going Postal. It's got to be somewhere between seven and 12. Have I mentioned before that Going Postal is my favorite book? I think I have. It's really amazing. Such a good book.

Right now I'm listening to the audio version, hopefully quickly enough to cancel the account before I get charged 15 bucks to never listen to an audio book again ever because that's what podcasts are for.

(Oh, and if I ever have a podcast and am using for advertising -- that was a joke! I'm only kidding! Sign up for and use the promo code [I'll edit this in later if it's necessary] to get a free monthly trial -- listen to Going Postal, read by [I'll look it up if I ever have to]. It's a great book, and it helps our podcast out immensely. Thanks!)