Limitations on access to food

I'm so hungry. Like, all the time. For weeks now, almost every day I have two meals -- one in the morning and one around 3 p.m. -- that contain just enough food to bring me back from 'so hungry that I've stopped being able to feel things' to the relatively milder 'hungry to the point that it's physically painful.' I'm bouncing back and forth between two houses a lot lately, and neither of them tend to have a lot of food in them. (Also, at one of them, about four fifths of the time there are a bunch of emotionally violent people buzzing around the kitchen like flies, commenting on my food choices in a way that's extremely stressful.) Also, what was once the cheapest and best-stocked supermarket in the area, with locations right by both my home and work, is currently falling apart as a consequence of a massive employee backlash that is definitely not a strike organized by people who definitely aren't unionizing. Because of the degree to which the protesting employees refuse to associate in any way with any words that can even remotely be associated with liberal politics, I've been shopping there out of spite -- but they still don't really have food there.

The cafeteria at my workplace mostly has junk food. They've got some refridgerated sandwiches, but most of them have meat in them. I've been a weekday vegetarian for something like 4 or 5 years now, so I'm definitely not stopping because it's inconvenient at the moment.

I want easy access to salad that doesn't have chicken chopped up and sprinkled on it.