Let's Plays: the Sims 4: Legacy Challenge

My partner is a big fan of the Sims. She's got the Sims 4, and she watches a bunch of Let's Plays, and has been considering recording one herself. I, also, watch a ton of Let's Plays (mine mostly Minecraft) and have thought about doing one. And I, also, like playing the Sims.

Tonight, both of us found out about The Legacy Challenge -- a method of playing the Sims in which you play the same household, in lineage, through 10 generations.

My partner recently got some recording equipment in order to explore the possibility of making Let's Plays, and I do sometimes play the Sims on her computer.

This may be a thing that's happening.

Keep an eye out for two new Let's Play series -- the 2014 Legacy Challenge of the Caitlin and Watson Household! (Caveat: I cannot in any way guarantee that this is going to happen. Prolly you shouldn't even keep an eye out. I'll let you know if it's getting plausible.)