late night phone blogging: daydream edition

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about my Friday post -- about the public place I want -- because I spent a lot of time looking for someplace to be. Through the course of the weekend, I spent chunks of time just trying to be someplace other than a parking lot:

  • At McDonald's
  • At Barnes and Noble
  • At my friend Eddie's office
  • In the parking lot of my friend Eddie's office
  • In the parking lot of Barnes and Noble

Here are some places I would have gone, if they weren't closed:

  • The library
  • The mall
  • My school (a half hour away, but still someplace with power outlets and seats)

I started to think about whether there is any way to implement the plans for my hypothetical public building. It could, in theory, save the town money, right? By putting things all in the same place. And it would boost employment, with 24 hour librarians, and it would be a cool thing so it would drive tourism.

I thought about making a proposal that I could email to someone. But my laptop was dead, and I didn't have anywhere I could plug it in to work.