late night phone bloggin' -- the razor

My straight razor came in the mail today! And it worked horribly. Here are the possibilities as I see them:

  • I got ripped off, and this is a bad razor
  • I got ripped off, and this razor was not in fact "shave ready," and will need to be sent away for professional sharpening
  • I am just astoundingly bad at shaving and it'd go way better if I knew what I was doing
  • I am astoundingly bad at honing and I ruined the blade's edge on the strop
  • Straight razors are actually terrible and all the hype is just a really pernicious facet of the cult of masculinity currently circulating

I really hope it's not the last one, because it seemed like it would have been a much more satisfying way to shave, if it had worked, and I really want it to be true that there's a way to get an incredibly close shave that doesn't cause razor burn, for thoroughly un-masculune reasons.

Anyone reading this who's (a.) Not obsessed with fitting in to a hegemonic standard of masculinity and (b.) Got experience using straight razors want to weigh in?