Laptop sads

I spent some time online today, window-shopping[1. lol] for a new laptop. Turns out, laptops are pretty expensive, and nothing I would have wanted was available for a price I could have convinced myself was reasonable. So, instead, I decided to spend a chunk of the afternoon getting a friend to wipe my old computer so that its worthwhile contents can be reinstalled, in the hope that many or all of the problems with it were viruses or something, and not flaws in the physical structure of the device. It's not that I don't like my chromebook -- it's definitely nice having a computer that weighs less than 10 pounds, and syncs easily with google products -- but I've been noticing a lot, lately, functionality that I want to have in a laptop that isn't available through my chromebook. For example: Adobe Premiere, Scrivener, and Minecraft. And working when I don't have WiFi.

But that functionality doesn't seem to be available for under $300 at the moment.