Kameron Hurley on secrets in publishing

There's a great article in the Locus Magazine website called "Everybody Already Knows”: How Silence About the Realities of Publishing Hurts Authors.  It's about the ways in which secrets are kept in publishing -- she compares it to problematic family secrets, like abuse, and compares new authors to small children who aren't in any way equipped to navigate the sometimes seriously screwed up situation they get themselves into just by being around. For reasons I think are obvious this article was important to me.  Here's one of the best bits:

What I began to hear from other writers as I brought up these issues and many other troubling ones in the industry was this:

‘‘Oh, everyone already knows that.’’

Everyone knows who that verbally abusive editor is. Everyone knows who that groping publisher is. Everyone knows….

But everyone didn’t know. I certainly didn’t. I learned during the long implosion of Night Shade Books that writers in our industry had many private forums and listservs and a lot of conversations at the bar about bad editors, bad publishers, and terrible agents (and the good ones, too) – but they tended to be in closed groups, not public forums. So when folks said to me ‘‘everyone knows’’ it meant ‘‘everyone on my listserv’’ or ‘‘everyone who reads the SFWA forum’’ or ‘‘everyone who was at the bar that time in San Antonio.’’

I checked -- you have to be an SFWA member to get on the forum.  There's a good reason for me to double down on trying to get some qualifying short story sales.  (Or any short story sales...)

I decided to google Kameron Hurley, and I found this story, which I don't have time to finish reading right now, but is pretty cool so far:

Genderbending at the Madhattered

by Kameron Hurley, published in Strange Horizons, 2004