Just Between Us -- signal boost

Signal boosting the youtube series Just Between Us, starring Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin, because it's very funny and also because I'm tired and can't make thoughts form whole sentences shut up I know this sentence is a disproof of that claim.

Gaby Dunn is an example of what has become my favorite way of finding out about a new person: I see them on something cool (in this case, heard her on Yo, is This Racist?), go to check if they have a Tumblr, and discover that I'm already following them because their content is cool and they were just independently somebody I would have wanted to follow regardless of their interesting professional life.

I didn't think to check if Allison had a Tumblr until I was writing this post. She does, maybe -- there's a tumblr with her name on it that contains nothing but long rants and hasn't been updated in 10 months, and there's a tiny picture in the corner that could possibly be her.

I'm following it now.

Don't judge me.