Jupiter Ascending: a quick review

I really liked Jupiter Ascending. It had almost everything I look for in a Space Opera: an interesting and coherent plot, an internally consistent setting and science, and the force of evil is capitalism. (Like, really explicitly. It was great.) I remember reading somewhere on Tumblr that someone was disappointed in the movie: that they were expecting to go and see something that was so-bad-it's-good, and what they got was just a regular good movie. And that's what it was like for me -- as a concept, it looks like it should be a hilarious flop. It's totally tone-deaf to the kind of plot that's fashionable right now, it's packed with explosions, the cast are often cartoonish, and it just looks like it cost a ton of money and wasn't going to make any. (It didn't, but that's beside the point.)

The thing is, the writers, cast and crew really did work hard to make this movie the best it could possibly be of what it is: a space opera. Jupiter Ascending is a really good space opera.[1. The  phrase "Heartland science fiction" comes to mind, but I'm too tired to explicate what I mean by that, and I'm sure I'm gonna forget it. So I'm just going to leave it here, hoping that the context of the post is enough to remind me what the hell my point was there.] It's funny in the right places, dramatic in the right places, incredibly thick with pathos, as high stakes as it can possibly be.

My only criticisms are the lack of queer representation, and that the action scenes ran long enough to bore me.