John Oliver is taking over the Daily Show on Monday

I have trouble, sometimes, deciding who I like better on the Daily Show:  Jon Stewart or John Oliver.  The reason I think I have trouble deciding which one I like better is that Jon Stewart obviously has the better job, and gets to do the better monologues, and gets all the better bits.  He's far more important, in the Daily Show and by extension in political comedy in general, than John Oliver is. But, deep down, I'm pretty sure John Oliver would do an awesome job at the desk at the Daily Show.  And, starting on Monday, for three months, I'm going to get to see if I'm right.

I can't imagine not liking what's coming -- John Oliver is hilarious, he's one of my favorite correspondents on the show, and he has the same skill Jon Stewart has at irony -- which, to be fair, is kind of basic-comedian's-toolkit stuff -- they're both very good at making a meaning very clear by saying something almost totally unrelated.

But, while I'm allowing for the possibility that I will want Oliver to stay on as host, part of what I'm looking forward to in John Oliver taking over is Stewart coming back, and getting to see him do his job after I get a good look at what it's like when somebody else had it.

And maybe, when that time comes, instead of bumping him back down to correspondent, maybe they'll just give John Oliver the host job on the Colbert Report.