It's 'murica day

I actually managed to mostly avoid patriotic fervor today. I think it might be because it's storming here -- a lot of stuff got rescheduled to tomorrow. I got into an argument with an anarchist on Tumblr to celebrate the holiday, anyway.

America is a hard country to be patriotic for. It's just so damn mandatory, you know? Even if there are things I like about America, I can't stand how gung ho people get about it, and the more U-S-A chanting I hear, the more I want to yell at people about slavery or the shitty parts of the constitution or Japanese internment during WWII or the prison-industrial complex or drone strikes. We do so damn much wrong, it pisses me off that people are uncomplicatedly proud to be American.

So, fuck the 4th of July, America's most jingoistic day. (Apart from, like, all the other ones.)