It's been a good week for crowdfunding

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter:

This week, within 10 hours of being posted, the Kickstarter to re-launch Reading Rainbow hit its fundraising goal of $1 million. At just before 8 p.m. EDT, I was sitting in a bed, watching my phone as the mobile page updated by hundreds of dollars every few seconds, and I got screenshots of the before and after numbers:


It's been another two days, and the stretch goals haven't even been posted yet but it's already at over $2.7 million.

Solar Roadways Indiegogo:

Solar (freakin') Roadways, an Indiegogo campaign for an incredible-looking technology that's apparently ready for a real installation, also blew past its million-dollar goal when a promotional video, called Solar Freakin' Roadways, went viral.

I didn't donate to that one, but I'm excited about it and I really hope it pans out -- I'm looking forward to the hypothetical future in which geeks like me entertain themselves by trying to imagine what it would have been like to look at Solar Roadways and doubt its importance, the way I sometimes do with the internet or telephones.

MedievalPOC, donation drives and a future Patreon:

The Tumblr MedievalPOC is, if you're not already following it, a fantastic blog to follow on Tumblr. It is, in part, a response to the very annoying argument "Things just weren't like that back then!" about the absence of people of color in historical media about Europe or fantasy literature. It consists primarily of art from Medieval Europe depicting people of color, thereby unequivocally dismantling the cultural narrative that people of color came into existence only very recently.

The author of MedievalPOC needed money to keep the project (and their[1. I'm like 80% sure I read somewhere that the author of MedievalPOC is a woman, but I can't find any confirming details right now so I'm using they/them/their pronouns.] life) going, and so asked for it, and received it very quickly. They are also setting up a Patreon in the near future, so people can subscribe to provide them with a regular income.


This has been an awesome week for crowdfunding and I'm really excited that so many things I (and so many other people) care about are getting the resources to keep moving forward because crowdfunding is a viable option.

And also these people/groups are unlikely to get too much money, and it's not too late to donate to any of them.