Interior design from a high school art class perspective

My bedroom at home is painted an awful, grotesque orange color that makes everything in the room look weird. Okay, that's not fair. I used to love this color. That's because this room used to be a side office slash den, and it was a really nice color for a room you want to be awake in. It's just, like, extremely not a good bedroom color.

But I've got to live with it for the rest of the summer, because repainting would be an investment of time, money and emotional energy that is multiple orders of magnitude greater than I have to spare, or than I would lose in emotional energy by having to put up with it for three months.

Instead, I'm going to attempt to mitigate the issue using interior design -- because I need new sheets and pillowcases, and it couldn't hurt to replace the curtains with something more my style (not that I don't like gray abstract floral swirls, but in incandescent light and reflecting the orange walls it looks gray-brown with pale orange dots.)

So today, I used the app Color Grab to get a bunch of snaps of shades of orange from my walls, and inverted them in photoshop -- because I don't know what good interior design would look like in here, but interior design that mitigates these walls means finding the right shades of blue.

A four-column set of color swatches.

So, in a goth-like rebellion against the status quo, I am establishing control over my personal space via manipulation of color disregarding contemporary design principles.

Other goals include switching to white LED bulbs and maybe flowers or something -- having an alive thing would be nice, I think.