I'm my own top Gooogle result!

Does anybody know for sure whether Incognito Mode gives you a clearer idea of what a stranger's Google search might look like? Because I might be wrong about all this -- I might still be, like, result number 40 for everyone else. When I came up with my current pseudonym, I was aiming for something that was (a.) available as a url, (b.) as a username on a lot of websites, and (c.) wasn't anybody's name already. Somehow during that exploration it didn't occur to me to wonder / worry about what was coming up instead of my name, when you googled it.

Tex Watson, the former first result and autocorrect response when I googled T.X. Watson, was one of the members of Charles Manson's family of murdering racists. I had already registered and started building my website when I found that out.

I haven't checked in a while, but I had been looking forward to a time when people trying to find me on the internet don't first find a member of Charles Manson's entorage; I hope this blog post doesn't screw up the SEO on that. (There's a reason I'm not linking to his Wikipedia page.)