I'm learning to cross-stitch!

My partner got me a cross-stitch kit for Christmas.  (I mentioned it on Monday.  She's pretty great.)  It's a picture of frogs doing the [sense]-no-evil monkey poses. It looks like I'm going to learn a lot of essential cross-stitching skills from this project, and come out with a pretty cool picture of some frogs at the end.  But what I'm really looking forward to doing is making my own cross-stitches, of maps.

Cross-stitch seems like it would be an awesome medium for mapping, because it offers so much opportunity for different colors, patterns, styles of shading, while forcing you to actually make decisions about what goes in every single cell of the illustration.  Or look them up.  You know, w/e.

I checked out how much cross-stitches sell for on Etsy, and it seems they range from around $20 for single-color text with maybe a little embellishment to around $100 for multi-color, reasonably detailed illustrations, plus thousands of dollars for incredible tapestries of amazingly detailed and shaded works.  So, I don't think this is a skill I could develop for money.  But, still, I'm going to make myself some cool stuff.

I will post a photo of my progress at some point after I have more than one color.