I'm jealous of my imaginary clone

I had a conversation with a friend a week or two ago about what it would be like if there were suddenly two of me. I figured, at first, that I would handle it pretty well -- the thing to do, I thought, would be to immediately, rapidly diverge our narratives of personal experience, so we can quickly start being different people and not be both trying to double-live our shared life. So, I figured: first, new me would pick a new pen name. That's easy enough. Could even be another Watson. Then, they'd pick out a new wardrobe, get an undercut and dye their hair bright blue. They'd possibly get a tattoo, some cool piercings, maybe wear way more makeup than I do (none at all because it's hard).

Then, I was like, "Hang on. How come my clone gets to be so much cooler than me?"

Obviously, the solution: we both get radical diverging redesigns.

I would learn how to bleach my hair really, properly white. I'd get a watercolor tattoo down my left arm, and I'd get non-prescription hipster glasses (because needing to differentiate yourself from your clone would totally be a good enough excuse).

Clone me could get a new job, and between us we'd probably be able to afford a two-bedroom apartment. Once we figure out how to get a new person who emerges into the world at 25 with all of another person's memories a federal ID. We'd have to figure out whether my school would give us both my degrees. If not, they'd need a GED and then would enroll in community college -- probably an art major, this time around.

Ultimately we'd want to eventually drift apart into relatively separate lives, because I'm sure there are an endless list of potential complications that would come from both being literally the same person, diverging at about 2015 -- but we'd stay in touch, and probably still hang out every once in a while, and help each other out with our careers and life problems.

Now... Knowing that, if I had a clone I'd do all that cool stuff, how do I continue to justify not doing it now? (Apart from the glasses, which I'm not doing because I can't respond to "Why are you wearing those" with "I need to look obviously different from my clone.")