I'm giving myself an extension

Ok so the solarpunk stories are harder than I thought. More accurately I'm unhappy with how the Fire story came out, and I'm not very far along in Water, so I'm giving myself another week to work on it. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to:

  • I forgot that I had a production night for my school newspaper today, and so am going to have approximately zero extra time today
  • A magazine deadline is coming up at work, so I have a lot of time I need to pour into writing that I'm paid for, which needs to take a higher priority than the writing I'm not paid for
  • I accidentally an entire day's worth of Minecraft: Crash Landing

This extension is an experiment in my effort to figure out ways to reduce pressure on myself when I need it, without entirely dropping projects like my writing. This is important because, while I do sometimes need to free up the time I would otherwise be spending on things like writing fiction or reading books, I tend to feel horrible about myself when I'm not doing those things.