I'm doing stuff. Really. I swear.

It's summer. I might have mentioned that already. And since right now I'm not in school, one of my jobs is intermittent freelance work and the other is one or two nights a week, most days I have pretty much nothing to do. I've been playing a lot of Minecraft. I'm honestly pretty proud of the stuff I've been doing in Minecraft. I feel accomplished. I am learning new skills and applying them to achieve goals.

Just, like, not in meatspace.

I'm currently participating in two worlds: a multi-person Realms account, and a singleplayer Modded game (the Feed the Beast Infinity pack). The modded game is fun because there's tons of stuff I've never done before, and the vanilla game is fun because it's really exciting to do things in Minecraft with another person.

But even if this is the same kind of creative exercise as most of the other stuff I might do with my free time, something about it feels less satisfying. Which is really frustrating, because I feel like I'm feeling bad about myself for a reason that isn't actually any good.