I won NaNoWriMo!

Okay, so I promised this post for a couple of hours earlier.  But better to be a day late on this than a day late on WriMo, right?  (They were not conflicting.  I was just busy today.) I won!


Check out all the spots on there where it says winner!

In the end, I'm pretty happy with the novel.  It will need rewriting to be serviceable -- the major plot begins developing about two thirds of the way through -- but that puts me at the same place I was at after the first draft of my first novel, and in this case I'm even better off because I have a well-developed setting and a diverse cast!

I just went and checked what I promised I'd write about today:

first thing next week, a nice, long post about what NaNoWriMo was like — all my feelings, all my struggles, some sort of explanation for the horrible dip in week 3, comparisons between what this one was like versus my other novels, and so on.

Honestly, WriMo was so much easier than every past experience I've had writing novels.  I promised an explanation for the dip, so here it is:  I ran out of steam.  I got there, and every day I sat down and I was only able to conjure about 200 words.

I experienced some emotionally stressful things that week, and my schedule was crammed, so it didn't help that I was writing between 2 and 3 a.m., getting sentences down between actually falling asleep in my chair during the lulls in the music I was listening to.

(WriMo music credits:  Cory Johnson's Legend of Zelda Remix, Fifths of Seven, Disasterpeace's FEZ album, The Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, Mike Rugnetta. Thanks.)

The thing is, I had to finish in a month.  There was no time for agonizing months of one-sentence-a-night just-so-I-haven't-really-quit writing.  I had to skip that.  In fact, I had to skip that and make up for having done it already.

Near the end, there are a lot of scenes that take place in totally under-developed settings, or vivid settings that contain no meaningful events, whatsoever.  There's a whole aborted story that totally belongs there, that I had to skip because I couldn't figure out what happened.

I'm looking forward to digging back into this setting again (which still needs a name), but the next thing I'm planning on doing is actually digging back into one of my other novels:  I'm cannibalizing the robots novel for the central premise:  Facebook spambot profiles, designed to perfectly emulate online friends so they can subtly plug products, achieve sentience and have to deal with both bucking their corporate creators and the extraordinary prejudice they risk in coming out to their friends as a spambot.

After that, I'm probably going to come back to my WriMo novel and similarly cannibalize one particular plot point that emerged right near the end:  a magic canal that cuts through the Elven forest, connecting the northern and southern seas, that desperately wants to be functional, but is constantly sabotaged by the elves that live there.  I think I'll probably directly throw in my cast, and basically rewrite the chapter, because I feel  like it will work on its own.

Now that I've finished, though, the only thing I really need to figure out is my reward.  Here are the options I'm kicking around:

  • Tom Milsom's new album, Organs (edit 2015-05-06: removing links to Tom Milsom on my blog, because I remembered they existed, and because he's a sexual predator and I don't want to support his music.)
  • A subscription to Locus Magazine
  • Taking responsibility for my earlier indulgence and calling the copy of "Raising Steam" I ordered from the UK my reward

Anybody got any opinions?