I was not prepared for this

So, for the past (6?) days, every blogging day, I've been writing worldbuilding posts about the setting I'm working on.  These take about an hour and a half each to write.  It's not zero effort.  In fact, as writing work, it's a little harder than what I do most days on this blog. But I forgot about the other part of blogging, the finding something to blog about, which usually takes me a couple hours every day, browsing the internet, trying to scan articles for what's worth reading all the way through, then, what's worth boosting the signal on -- which stuff I understand well enough to feel comfortable sharing, and so on.

Today, I've only got about another hour before I have to go to work, then I won't be out again until 10 tonight.  When I get home, I'll have to work on my short story, then get straight to bed, because I have school and then work tomorrow, too.

I think I'll be better prepared tomorrow, but today's going to be a pressure valve day.  I've started to feel like the world is collapsing around me, and it will help me feel like I'm not failing my entire life if I don't have to worry about 500 words of solid, coherent blogging right now.

Thanks for understanding.