I want to talk about music but I don't know how to talk about music

I've written before about having been too embarrassed to get into music in high school -- I found out a couple years ago that all my friends were into all the same bands as me, but I was too scared of getting viciously mocked for my taste in music to ever admit I liked anything other than The Beatles, which is safe. It may be a consequence of that, or it may be that I just don't have any kind of real music education, but I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about songs for which I have no vocabulary or context.

This is Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants.

It came out in 1988, and is about the absence of a relationship between two people who've never met, on opposite sides of the globe.

And I want to talk about the guitar in this song, so bad, and I have no idea how. Like, the best I can think of is that it sounds like the guitar track from a different song, that's almost this song, but the beats are lined up in different places -- like two songs were written with the same template, to the same length and with the same chorus and bridge structure, but then the guitar from Ana Ng was thrown out and the guitar track from this other song was put in. And it's perfect, because it's incongruous and unbalanced and still totally makes sense in a way that feels like it shouldn't.

By the way, those brushes broke. My hands are covered in ink now.

inky hands


I don't know if it's because they suck or because I was so pissed off at my family that I broke them while I was trying to fill them up. I also don't know if the ink I got would bleed less on paper other than watercolor paper.