I visited Hampshire College today

I spent a lot of time today trying to figure out what the word was for what it felt like to be at Hampshire. And the only one I can think of is: Dreamlike. In every possible way. I really mean it: the place felt like the landscape of a dream I'd have. The library had a basement full of filming studios and computer equipment, and was connected -- by way of a cafe -- to a basketball court and a pool. There was a place where it felt like there ought to be a lake, but instead there were greenhouses and fields of farmland. The transfer student reception was in a barn. And everything was so close together -- like, they felt like they should be farther apart. Moving from place to place on campus felt like the way it feels to move around in a dream world. You start moving toward a place that's very far away, and you can already see it, and you're already there. But you're still walking around and through a vast, expansive wild.

I really don't know how to process my feelings about that place. Except that I still definitely want to live there.