I like having coworkers who don't follow my blog

I've realized recently that my most frequent form of inspiration for blog posts is when someone I know says something that annoys me, but I don't want to have a conversation about it because of some combination of (usually all of) the following things are true:

  • It's not really that important on an individual level
  • It would be an upsetting conversation
  • It would take up time I don't want to spend talking about that topic at the moment
  • It'd kinda be derailing the conversation we're already having
  • At the time of the conversation I'm not totally convinced of my position
  • I value the relationship more than the potential outcome of the conversation is worth
  • I don't want to make someone I like feel shitty

If I then go and blog about that thing, though, about half of the points above get triggered anyway -- with the added bonus that it comes off as super passive-aggressive and hostile -- when, in reality, I just like thinking about whatever that thing is, and wanted to try to make my thoughts coherent enough to be understood by another person.

Blogging is a great medium for doing that, which is why I'm really glad that I haven't been sharing my blog widely at work.  I like my work relationships, I think the people I work with are nice, and with reference to Saturday's post[1. Well, today's post.  Sort of.  I'm writing this basically right after that one, but I'm going to schedule it to go up on Monday.] I think their hearts are generally in the right place.

... I went for lunch while I was writing this and now I've completely lost the train of thought, and can't figure out how to end it.  All the information I wanted to write is here, anyway, I just don't have a resolution paragraph.  So I'm going to publish it like this.  Sorry.