I like assembling furniture

So I forgot to blog yesterday. The reason was that I had planned on blogging in the evening, but then I spent 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. assembling a TV console thing in my partner's apartment. We would have gone even later, but we stopped when we realized we were being inconsiderate, nailing things to things at 11 at night. That's pretty much the reason we stopped tonight, too. Our progress so far:

  • One TV console, completed (finished assembling this morning before work, then put the TV and related devices on it when I got home this afternoon)
  • Two night stands, completed (they were easy, we each did our own)
  • One dining room counter extension, in a dozen or so partially assembled pieces on the living room floor

I'm having a lot of fun putting them together. It's like doing puzzles. In fact, it's a lot like what I did in wood shop in high school, making bookshelves and stuff based on pre-existing instructions. But, and this is a huge plus in my book, they've already machined and finished and painted all the pieces, so all the stuff I usually screwed up is done for me.

While I'm assembling complicated furniture, I experience an almost constant state of awe at the level of planning and organization that goes into making those boxes possible. Like, it's within the range of things I could possibly do, but way outside the range of things I ever actually would do, because of the huge amount of care and effort that goes into it.

In short, flat-packed furniture bolsters my faith in, and love for, humanity and our collective achievements.

(On the other hand, it also represents worker exploitation and harmful environmental practices. But the existence of negatives doesn't negate the positives.)