I killed a wasp

God I hate bugs so much I killed a wasp today.  It was in my bathroom.  I covered it with a cup, then balanced that cup against the window it was horizontally stuck to using toilet paper as a stand, then I went and got a piece of paper to cover the wasp, then I tried to get it down to a flat surface while I decided what to do with it.

But the damn thing found a gap between the paper and the cup!  It nearly escaped, but I injured it, and was able to get it covered on the floor, and then into a toilet.  It took two flushes to get down, but it did not attempt to escape.

Meanwhile, I washed the cup, and my hands, with soap, and threw out the paper in a lidded can, because I remember hearing once or twice that wasps leave a smell on you when they die, making other wasps angry.  I don't know if that's true, and I don't know if I got it off.  But hopefully I'm not going to get swarmed by angry stinger bugs later.