I just noticed that Motion City Soundtrack is an important band to me

I've been listening to a lot of Motion Cit y Soundtrack in the past week or so. I first heard them when I was in high school -- I've written before about how I've had a lot of trouble figuring out how people find out about music -- but I discovered Motion City Soundtrack when I was watching random music videos in the indie section of OnDemand, and I bought their albums, "I Am The Movie" and "Commit This to Memory," because my little brother's friend John was also there at the time, and he also liked them, so I felt a little less likely to alienate myself by pursuing the interest.

I remembered about them because a few weeks ago I was at a gathering of many of my friends, and one of them put on LG Fuad, which we sing together most of the times we hang out.  This time, we got up and sang and danced to it.  My partner got a cell phone video of the event.  That video will not be shared.

I've been passing a lot of time at work lately singing their songs to myself, mostly The Future Freaks Me Out, which might be my favorite song.  I'm not sure, I'm not very good at figuring out how favorites work.

One day, on my way into work, I was looking for it on YouTube to make sure I had all the lyrics right, on my phone.  (At red lights.)  The easiest one to click on was a live performance.  I'd never watched any of Motion City Soundtrack's live recordings before.

Hearing it, and hearing the way that lead singer Justin Pierre relates to the audience (I was hearing it, not watching it, because I was driving) nearly brought me to tears.

Mostly it was because the song was beautiful, and because knowing that the band made a real emotional connection with their audience in live shows mattered to me in a way I hadn't realized it would.  But I think part of it was thinking about what I might have missed out on, having never really figured out how music works in high school.

I had assumed that Motion City Soundtrack must have broken up by now, because apparently I have a deeply ingrained sense of defeatism when it comes to music.  But it turns out they're still touring.  They're going to be in Boston with the Warped Tour in about a month, but the remaining tickets are like fifty bucks each and I can't afford that, since I've just acquired a great big medical bill for my teeth.

I am going to try to catch up with their stuff, because I've only heard one or two singles from after "Commit This to Memory" came out.  And, I'm going to keep an eye on their tour schedule.  If it turns out that they're ever coming to around Boston just on their own, I want to get tickets.  At this point, it seems kind of silly not to.