I hurt so much

I'm not generally a particularly physically active person.  I don't know how well that comes across, since I don't really ever talk about doing physical things on here, so I don't talk much about how much I don't like doing them. Well, all day yesterday I was doing physical things.  I started from a not-very-good position, too -- I'm sick.  I had a headache and a bad cough.  Today, I've had a worse headache and a worse cough.  I also had horrible muscle pain, freaking everywhere.  I guess that's what happens when you spend all day picking things up and putting them down, after having avoided doing any of that for about 24 years, with only occasional lapses.

I'm not sure if I made myself more sick, doing all that work, or if I was going to get this sick anyway, but today's been a horrible day, as far as feeling okay in my skin goes.