I have finished my first cross-stitch



I took a picture of my progress on my cross-stitch the night before last, with the intention of posting it yesterday.  I ultimately failed to do that, but the picture exists, and is here:

20140102_033220_1As you can see, I'd made a lot of progress since my phone sabotaged my efforts to update you all on the status of my cross-stitch.

I took this photo immediately after inserting the four French knots in the eyes of the green frog and the orange frog.  (After watching a video tutorial, the first two were very easy.  Then, after moving the hoop and trying again, they had become impossible.  It turns out, I had completely forgotten what to do, and had to watch the tutorial again.)

Unfortunately, because I failed to update, you all will have to miss out on the experience of suspense that you might otherwise have enjoyed, while you waited for me to finish, because I've already done that:

20140103_151559_1I'm really proud of myself, and impressed with the creators of the pattern, who made instructions for a very pretty piece of art.

I did the name myself, freehand, and intended to add "From pattern," or something like that, to make it clear that I wasn't trying to take credit for someone else's art, but that would have taken another hour or two and I wanted to move on.

I got supplies for my own cross-stitching now -- a huge piece of beige fabric, actually.  Using the needle from the frogs, and my partner is letting me borrow her string.  I'm working on iconography for maps.  It is, so far, a huge amount of fun.