I hate the Wordpress Android app

Last night, I was really impressed with the Wordpress App for Android, for the first time.  I was impressed because I noticed there was a quick photo feature -- and, whatever problems I've had with the app before, I figured it'd probably work great with its own native features. So I snapped a photo I wanted to show off.  This photo:

Now that I'm at a computer, I took the liberty of editing the photo a little -- just to make it less gray.  There was not good lighting in my room in the middle of the night yesterday.

What I got instead was a block of HTML text that uploaded right on schedule at 9 a.m. this morning.

When I noticed, at about 10:30, I opened up the post and attempted to fix it.  Everything looking normal after I re-inserted the photo, I uploaded the edited version of the post and checked it.

The block of HTML was back.  So I edited it again, just to indicate that it hadn't worked.  I also tried to strike through the original text, instead of just leaving it there plain.  That, also, appeared to go fine, until I looked at the uploaded post.

What should have looked like this:

Here is an example sentence

Looked like this:

STRIKEHere is an example sentence/STRIKE

(I didn't attempt to center the text in the post.  I imagine it would have been even worse.)

So, when I wanted to brag about my fun little frog cross-stitch, I got a frustrating morning of app errors and embarrassingly screwed up auto-posts to my tumblr.

I have now deleted the app, and will probably not re-install it, because when my posts fail it makes me want to cry.  (If it matters to anyone considering getting the app, or who might be experiencing similar difficulties, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4.)