I got into Hampshire

*Annoying singsong voice* I got into Hampshire! I got into Hampshire! No but seriously. I'm so excited. I texted, I think, 10 people when I got the news. Then I decided to wait until I had actually physically seen the letter to tell my professors, because I had just heard I got it from my mom. (I asked her to open my mail from Hampshire and txt me what it said, because I didn't want to have to endure the chunk of time in my life between "You have a letter from Hampshire" and getting home to open it.)

I now have physically seen it -- I also got a $15,000 per year scholarship, and a bunch of grants (Hampshire's one of those cool schools that thinks poor kids deserve educations, too) so I'm pretty sure I have no reason to worry that I won't actually be able to go.

I'm so excited!