I didn't get much done today

I didn't really get much done this week, in fact.  I haven't written remotely close to what I would like, and I haven't been keeping very well up with many of my other commitments, as well -- I have a D&D game coming up on Sunday, and I've got like ten pages of notes to write for it that I've barely started on so far. I wish I could do better than this, but right now I just can't.

My little brother has a tattoo -- he has several, but there's only one that's relevant to this point -- he got it when he went down south to train for the army.  See, he loves snowmobiling, and that's not really a thing down south.  So, he got a huge tattoo down one arm that says "Summer sucks."

I don't often agree with my little brother.  I certainly don't agree with his reasoning, or the decision to get that tattoo.  But lately I find myself deeply sympathetic to the sentiment he's expressing.  I want cool weather and a full courseload and free time around the edges.  I want to not feel caught between the belief that I've got a wasted six months that I have to slug through to get back to real life, and the belief that this is six months' worth of life that's getting wasted.  And I really wish I was getting more sleep.

Summer kinda sucks right now.